Penny the Traveling Clothespin Doll shares her adventures at home and abroad.



God bless you for sharing the pattern and instructions for these little dolls. I had a few craft clothespins from a long time ago, and found one inch wooden knobs at the thrift store. My dear husband did the cutting for me, and even turned the necks on the lathe so there was no need for dowel. He cut enough for two. I hope I can do their faces so they’ll be smiling! I’m an old lady of 77, and playing with my dolls has become my second childhood. Your blog is an inspiration in so many ways. Thank you so much.

I am 74 and you have inspired me to take up my second (probably still first) childhood and make clothespin dolls. My husband also helped me with making holes in the body with his lathe. How lucky we are to have such talent available among us crafters! He had me operate the lathe with his supervision. Was fun but a bit of overkill for me. He bought me a drill press, made me some little jigs for drilling the holes. I need to practice my face painting and hope to make 4 dollies for my granddaughters. Thanks for the inspiration. Love your story. God bless you, too. My best, Wanda

I am so happy to have found these I am wanting to get a craft stall happening so I am sure I can include these. I am 65 and widowed. Thank you.

I wish you well with your crafting, Susan, thank you for sharing!

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