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I recently learned from a friend how to make one of these padded bulletin boards with ribbons.  I invited some of Penny’s people-friends to come make some too.  We had a delightful day crafting together, and each had a lovely keepsake to put into use that we made ourselves.  Maybe you would like to try this too.

For the base, we used a sheet of 1/2″ insulation board.  This is a neat option because you can stick push pins straight into it, or just tuck your papers or photos behind the ribbons.

Here, Thabeh uses a utility knife to cut this sheet down to the size she would like.




Next, we layered our choice of fabric, (generously sized), face down;

Then the layer of quilt batting (the same size as the insulation board);

Then on top, the insulation board:




Then we folded the fabric over onto the insulation board and hot glued it into place.  This will be the back.




On the front, we marked the very center with a pencil and drew lines 5 inches apart to mark where the ribbon will lay.




The girls enjoyed being creative with the ribbon colors, and we pinned them in place wherever they crossed.




We each enjoyed picking out a variety of buttons from our big button jar, that was the fun part!




Here is the HUGE Button Jar!!




You know, its always best to dump them all out so you can dig through them properly.




Old buttons are so fascinating!







Here is a string of little buttons I once put together for a bracelet.  Penny loved those best.




I sewed my buttons on with a strong thread, right through the insulation board.  But on one board, we just used the glue gun to hold them in place, just to be quicker.  Thanks for helping, Penny.




Smiles from Cici and Thabeh…




 At the last minute, we decided to glue on some silk flowers, a very pretty touch.

Here is a close up of Thabeh and Adama’s smaller boards.


DSCN4661 (1)



Thabeh and Adama’s big smiles, eager to go put their memory boards to work.




And Cici’s too!




Here is a bit of artwork from a friend that I tucked into mine once it was hung on my wall.

I had cut my insulation board to fit this 18 x 24″ frame that I had.




We made fun memories by crafting together today.  Good-bye girls!!

They said, “Let us know when you find another fun craft like this.”

And Cici wants to go start a button box of her own.