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I enjoyed hearing recently about another Penny Doll at work.  Here she is in Papua, Indonesia posing with Kristi and Regi.  Regi plans to use the doll to share the Gospel story with a group of children at a church on Sunday.


“Without faith it is impossible to please God. 
The man who approaches God must have faith in two things,
first, that God exists and secondly, that
it is worth man’s while to try to find God.”
Hebrews 11:6  (J.B. Phillips NT)




Phil Fields is working in Indonesia on a Plain Language version of the New Testament, to be easily read in the general language of the people.  This month, March, there are many celebrations afoot to celebrate the completion of this New Testament.  It is now published and ready for distribution!  To read more about the Fields and their work, see their website at .   This girl, Dewi, is a seminary student who was given one of Penny’s clothespin cousins with the beads to use in sharing the Gospel.

Here she is pictured using the doll to tell these children the precious story of Jesus and His Love. To read the Bead story written in the Indonesian language, check this out – Manik-manik Penny.




Gold – O – stands for God, the Almighty, the King of Heaven and Creator of the universe.

Black – O – stands for mankind who fall short of God’s glory.  Sin separates us from God.




Red – O – The color of the blood of Jesus, God’s Son, who took the punishment for our sins when He died on the cross.  In doing so, He bought us back from sin, so that we could become God’s children.

White – O – The color of a clean heart made to be the dwelling place of the God of Life and Love.

Green – O – As trees grow tall and green, and bear fruit, so we as Christians should seek to know God and have His likeness fill us.  In prayer, and by studying God’s Word we will grow closer to Him, and live fruitful lives.




Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world…

they are precious in His sight!!

♥ ♥ ♥




This Penny doll is now at the UKRIM seminary at Jogjakarta, Indonesia.

Anote is the girl holding the doll,
the other girl is Christine, they will be sharing this cousin.

Both of them minister in Sunday School and activities like Kids Klubs.






This is Lestari with her doll.


The three girls in the picture below are students at STTII in Jakarta.
The one holding the doll is Lestari,
and the other two are Judika (left) and Dewi (right).
All are involved in ministry to children, like in Sunday school.
The STTII is a very evangelical seminary encouraging their students to actively spread the Good News of Christ.

DSCN0212 rLestari

Phil Fields is standing here with the students as he encourages them in the Lord.

DSCN0214 r




Another of my cousins has been adopted by Pastor Santono and his family in Indonesia!

They serve a small congregation of 30 people, who are mainly young high school and college students. They are pictured here with Phil Fields, the Bible translator.




DSCN0183Anna&Semeia - Copy


Here is a close up of young Semeia with her mother, Anna.  I know my little pink cousin with dark braids will enjoy her new home with them.  I pray that this cousin will be a useful part of their ministry.

The little book is for witnessing.  It is John 9 written in English and in Plain Indonesian. The title of the book is “Let’s Not Become Spiritually Blind!”

We read John 9 recently in our evening family devotions!  It is the story of a man born blind that Jesus healed.



DSCN0113 - Copy

 We have news from Indonesia!!

My first two cousin dolls were given to two girls at a seminary in Salatiga, Central Java.

 As one of her assignments, this girl shared in her written testimony about wanting to share Christ with children.


DSCN0118 - Copy


The card Anna is holding here is the  Manik-manik Penny card Phil Fields wrote telling the bead story in Indonesian, it is also available on this site. 

Manik-manik Penny card kertas Letter


Let’s pray that these girls will have opportunities to share!