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Farmer Andy 1

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Farmer Andy, the clothespin doll that works with Bill Brown of the Fellowship of Christian Farmers has had a busy fall full of big events.  The Applefest took place in Brewerton, NY in September.  The above pictures show Dave Iamele and Ric Rosario from Cassville Community Church helping to share the Gospel bead story with the 1.000 folks who visited the FCF tent.  Each visitor is given a walking stick with 5 colored beads attached and told the story of the Gospel.  Over 100 people prayed to receive Christ.  Click here to read The Bead Story.


Farmer Andy 2


A special week (October 27- November 2) was spent at the ECHO Global Farm & Research Center in North Fort Myers, Florida.  ECHO is “a global Christian organization that equips people with agricultural resources and skills to reduce hunger and improve the lives of the poor.”  Their goal is to honor God through sustainable hunger solutions.  See their site here:

Nineteen FCF members from across the US and Canada helped to prepare the research farm for a missions conference in December, when 250 missionaries from underdeveloped countries from around the world were coming to learn about the research being done at ECHO to equip them to better help in their own countries.  A fascinating place!


Farmer Andy 3


IPM – 100 years?  What is that?  the International Plowing Match up in Ontario, Canada!

Here 8,000 people stopped by the Fellowship of Christian Farmers tent.  400 people prayed to receive Christ after receiving a free walking stick with the beads.

The last day of the show was cancelled because of 5 inches of rain falling the night before.  It took two days for things to dry out enough to pack up the tents and equipment!  Phewy!


Farmer Andy 4


November 3-9th  found 21 members (pictured below with Farmer Andy), at Reality Ranch in Zolfo Springs, Florida doing mission work.  Shown here is Pastor Randy Johnston (in wheel chair) – owner and founder of the ranch.  Reality Ranch offers rodeos, bull-riding, calf-roping, Cowboy Church, and a therapeutic riding program for those with disabilities.

The FCF team helped with lots of building and repairs.  2013 was the 4th year of mission work at the ranch.  Pastor Randy hosts rodeos and always shares the gospel before each event.  Several contestants have prayed to receive Christ this year.  “That’s why we help,” says Bill Brown.

There is an interesting article telling Pastor Randy Johnston’s story of his diving accident and his heart to help others on his Ranch at:


Farmer Andy 5

This I copied from Pastor Randy’s site:
Cowboy’s Ten Commandments
  1.   Just One God.
  2.   Honor yer Ma & Pa.
  3.   No Tellin Tales or Gossipin’.
  4.   Git Yerself to Sunday Meetin.
  5.   Put Nothin’ Before God.
  6.   No Foolin’ Around With Another Fellow’s Gal.
  7.   No Killin’.
  8.   Watch Yer Mouth.
  9.   Don’t Take What Ain’t Yers.
  10. Don’t Be Hankerin’ For Yer Buddy’s Stuff.