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The View

A man came in and sat down for a chat,

He said, “I come from Alberta,” as he took off his hat.

“Out of every window is a million-dollar view

Of mountains and streams and fields kissed with dew.

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Not a person around as far as you can see.

A paradise on earth, if you ask me.”

I thought for a minute then said, “That sounds pretty fair,

But I’ve got a view that’s beyond compare.”

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The man kind of chuckled as he looked around,

At the rusty old tractor and the shed falling down.

“Wouldn’t you rather live in a nicer place?”

He said with confusion across his face.

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I smiled and I said, “My view is just fine,”

As I tipped back my old wooden chair to recline.

“In every direction I look and I see,

A friend and a neighbor who is special to me.

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I don’t have to look very far to find,

A face that is warm, gentle and kind.

A lot of these people were young with me,

 And now our grandkids are up on our knee.


Through ups and downs we saw them through,

We laughed, we worked, and stayed friends true.

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“Whenever there’s trouble that does abound,

I can count on my neighbors to gather around.

And when times of sorrow pass through my home,

It’s then when their true compassion is shown.

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Though the times we live in can pull us apart,

They never really stray very far from my heart.

Memories past and new ones to come

Keep drawing us back for friendship and fun.

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To the north, south, east, or west,

Wherever I look the view is the best.

I’m filled with such warmth whenever I see,

The wonderful people who are all around me.


God made some nice places under the sun,

But honestly, I think I’ve got the best one.

I’m sure your mountains are pretty to see,

But there’s really no place that I’d rather be.”


The man sat quietly then nodded his head,

He replied, “You know, I wish I lived here instead.”

Susan Ritchie – Farming Magazine, Fall 2015

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