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Hello Friends, winter days are here and our view is full of clean, white, lovely snowflakes.

Please join us as Penny hosts a craft day on cutting paper snowflakes. We have decorated our windows by taping up paper snowflakes that match the white world outside. It looks so festive from both inside looking out, and outside looking in!

For this project, I would like to thank Lynnea and Emily Mayne for hosting Penny and organizing the instructions to share with you. They are some pretty talented snowflake cutters!

First, let me share some snowy photos I took outside to capture some of this pure white beauty.

The view on the back lane when I was out for a walk with the dogs.
The bushes full of snow caps.
A cardinal adds a bright red living ornament.

And now, lets begin our craft by selecting a sheet of smooth white paper, and some sharp scissors.

Carefully folding our first triangle….

Penny slides her paper under the paper cutter to trim it to size.

Time to trim it up on the paper cutter. Good thing you have someone to supervise, Penny!

Folded and folded again….

And now friends, we are ready to do some creative cutting!

Chop, chop, chop!!

The exciting part is when you open your folded paper to discover the design you invented!

Hurray!!!  Good job!

Thank you for joining us, this has been a fun craft, and it was special to do it with Lynnea and Emily. ♥

Its time now to bundle up and head outside together for some sledding and laughter. Are you ready? Let’s take a close look and admire how God made each snowflake beautifully designed in miniature, with no two alike.

That’s pretty amazing.

How many snowflakes do you see?