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Busy Hummingbirds



One of the special thrills of summer at our home is the activity of the hummingbirds.  We have a total of 6 active feeders, all set in crucial places where we can view them from the comfort of our living room, or other frequently used windows.  This way we see them up close and can get a good look at them without scaring them away.  But even in the kitchen dooryard we joke that you must duck when they swoop by as they think they own the place.




 At the end of July we noticed an added flurry of activity, it seemed that their favorite feeders needed refilling everyday as mobs of hummingbirds were draining them as fast as they could.




Oh dear, that is a sign that they are fueling up to head south.  It seems way too soon, already!




But what a delight it was to see them so active and so thickly congregating on the feeders!   In this next picture can’t you almost hear the zipping and swooshing as they all hurry hurry to get a turn at the feeder?




 In the picture below is the greatest number I caught in one photo at the busiest feeder.

How many do you count?   – And there were more hummingbirds around!




Now here is an video so you can see and hear them in action!  Wow!

Watch for the flick of their tongues…



 There is a star magnolia tree here beside this feeder and its knobby branches are full of places for the hummers to perch.  Its a treat to see them up close and sitting still.




Or going about their business of preening and grooming and looking about at the world.




I caught this male on video at a favorite perch outside our pantry window where no feeder is, just a bare branch he thought was about right for someone his size.  I was amazed at how busy he was – scratching, cleaning, combing and preening himself, this is fascinating to watch!  (I took this video from inside a closed window so the noises you hear are chicks scratching about in a cardboard box.  Penny has photos of those to post soon.)



 “Many, O LORD my God, are the wonders which You have done, And Your thoughts toward us; There is none to compare with You. If I would declare and speak of them, They would be too numerous to count.”  Psalm 40:5


Fascinating little creatures! I love to watch their antics. I am planting bushes and trees around my house with the birds in mind so I can attract as many as possible! Thanks for sharing!

Happy planting, Gail, what a fun project. The hummingbirds have liked my red salvia a lot. I’ve also seen them busy at the orange and yellow blossoms of the jewelweed. Our regular hummingbirds have left, but we still have a couple of hummers coming to our feeders, even now in the middle of September! They may be ones that have come down from the north. Every extra day we see them is a treat.

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