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Making Chocolate Chip Cookies


Welcome to our kitchen!  Would you like to join us in baking some chocolate chip cookies this afternoon?  Notice our faded old recipe card, all worn and hard to read.  We use the classic Nestles recipe.  First we will gather all our ingredients, and as a special treat, we will include some walnuts this time.

(These photos are actually from last year, but the recipe remains a favorite.)

Step One:  3/4 cup of each white sugar and brown sugar.


Step 2:  cut in  1 cup butter

Penny is unwrapping a roll of homemade butter, made fresh here on the farm from our cow’s thick cream.  It is not yellow now as it is in the summer when the cow is out on grass.  Each ball is 1/2 cup.



We often use this antique fork for mixing our cookie dough.  Electa was a great-great-grandmother in our family tree.  The long tines are useful for blending our ingredients.  It is special to hold a little bit of history in your hand.




Step Three:  We will add 1/2 tsp. of vanilla to the mixed sugar and butter.




Step Four:  2 beaten eggs.  Fresh brown eggs, of course.

Uh, oh, do I see a fragment of a shell in there?  Fetch it out, Penny!




Step Five:  1 1/4 cup of white flour

1 1/4 cup of wheat flour  (we grind our own in the electric mill)

and 1 tsp. baking soda.




Step Six:  1 cup chocolate chips




Always be on guard when other persons are wandering about waiting for this step to produce snitching opportunities! Hands out of the Nestles bag!!




Step Seven:  Drop by spoonful onto the cookie sheet.  Then bake at 350° for 8-10 minutes.




Never mind about the mess, this project is worth it!




As we smell the cookies baking, let us fetch some fresh cow milk from the frig.




Then let us invite over a few friends from the kitchen shelf.




“Come join us for a sample cookie and a tall glass of cold milk.” (Served on an upside-down bread pan.)




For those of you who wish to see the recipe in its entirety, it will be rather challenging.




We even saved a few cookies for the rest of the family,  with love!  ♥




Looks like Penny really gets into her work! MMmmm…..I can almost smell them baking. I’ll be right over!!!

Yes, seems I ought to make her an apron, don’t you think? Being 5 inches tall does have its disadvantages when one is baking!

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