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Doodling Paul’s Story



“Make room for me in that comfy chair, Ruby, let’s read a Bible Story together…”

This is the story of how the Apostle Paul came to be used of God in starting churches after the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Many people at that time thought Jesus was a big fake and that His followers were causing trouble.  In these early days, Paul was called Saul, and he hated anyone who called themselves a Christian…




















The End.

You can read this story of the Apostle Paul’s early days in Acts chapters 8 and 9.  Paul wrote much of our New Testament.  He traveled about to spread the news of Jesus’ resurrection and started churches in many cities.  The Epistles that we have in the New Testament are a collection of letters he wrote to the churches to help instruct them in the way of Christ.  His story is an amazing example of how God can change the most destructive life and use it in a beautiful way in His Kingdom.




Love it! The doodling is such a creative and effective way to witness. How did you learn to do that? Can you give me some tips? Love your blog…….

Thanks, Gail, The doodling idea is new to me, I was introduced to it through a blog by Kari Denker. Check out this page, and click on the “What’s In My Bible Journal” post. She offers a free Ephesians study that helps to get you started. I got a composition notebook as she suggests and am doodling lots of my Bible Studies these days. I find it so much more meaningful when I ask, “How can I put this verse or idea into a picture?” I think it would be a great way to study with children (or adults, right?).


I really like the way you doodled this Bible story. I “get” the Bible more with pictures. Thank you.

Thabeh Brockett

Wow Becky,you are so amazing!!!!! it’s so neat to see how you have used your talents that God has given you to bless other people around you. it’s a joy to be able to watch you praise and thank him through your work. You have always blown me away,keep up the good work. Adama

Adama, I think some would laugh when I say that I asked God to bless two cherry pies I made the other day, and then when I did this post, I asked Him to bless these doodles. Don’t you think He gets some crazy requests sometimes? But I know it delights Him when we do as He told us to, to do all that we do heartily for the glory of God. You can too!

Thabeh Brockett

Loved the drawing Becky!!!!!! You are so gifted. Now I shall picture your little drawings when I read that story:)


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