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My Own Backyard




Dear Lord, when things get hectic and living seems so hard;

I just go out and sit awhile within my own backyard.

For there it’s quiet and peaceful; beneath the shady trees,

And sunlight through the branches accompanies every breeze.






There are a dozen shades of green designed to please the eye.

Chubby squirrels and hummingbirds, a golden butterfly.

The honeysuckle’s perfume permeates the air,

And though I do not see Him, I know God is there.





The sky so high above my head is an electric blue,

And there are lazy cotton clouds with nothing else to do

But sail across the heavens.  And yet I know that I

Was given hope whose sturdy wings were also meant to fly.





This old world that we inhabit is much the worse for wear.

Beauty fades so quickly and hearts forget to care.

But somehow I’ve discovered within my own backyard

A peaceful sanctuary… in which I find the Lord.

~  by Grace E. Easley












You emails are always so uplifting. They remind to reflect on where I live and what I have in my life. Sometimes we do get so busy that we forget and need a gentle reminder. God is everywhere and doing many things at once.
Thank You for reminding me.

Thank you, Roxie. This poem was encouraging to me right now as spring gets pretty hectic here and I needed the reminder of taking pleasure in quiet things around me. We also had some computer trouble that was rather worrisome, so I had to post from elsewhere and reuse some pictures from the archives. Things look all right now so soon I will post some of the May pictures I have collected.

Oh How I love poetry!!when someone else is writing it. LOL You would have never known it, for you have just inspired me to pick it up again,thank you:) By the way beautiful pick on the bleeding hearts.

Adama J.Brockett

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