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Penny’s Snow Angel




   This post is for my friends in Indonesia.

After you left the farm, we had such a nice snowfall.

I asked Becky to let me go out and make a snow angel for you so that you could know how much fun snow is, and see how big and beautiful these snowflakes were.

I wish you could have seen them; so deep and fluffy, so sparkly in the sunshine.  The ground glittered like it was covered with diamonds!

To make a snow angel, you flop into the fresh snow, and wave your arms to make big angel wings.

Then you must be very careful when you get up so that you don’t step in the wrong place and leave footprints where they are not supposed to be!







Now what could be whiter than snow?           See Psalm 51:7!!


I enjoy Penny’s stories. Wow. The pictures are neat. Maybe the next time she could come with me to the DR. Blessings and Prayers.

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