Penny the Traveling Clothespin Doll shares her adventures at home and abroad.

Sunny Autumn Picnic


It has been such a beautiful October, so much sunny weather and such gorgeous colors in the sky, in the trees, and everywhere you look!  Beautiful Autumn.



Here are some warm pictures from around the farm.  The pretty elm tree and our dairy cows, Marmee, and Kemmie out in the pasture say “hi” to you.



We recently got guinea hens and the happy critters are noisily giving their opinion of anything and everything, whether they convince anyone or not.





As Penny was dining in the side yard, a friend dropped in to see what was up.  Care for a cookie?



Now they are good buddies.  Penny and a puppet – chicken?







Now in this picture below you will see a surprising sight.  What could it be?



A chicken in a tree!  She is one of the red hens that I had let loose because she was being picked on.  Now she happily has the best of the best on the farm.  Here is where she sleeps every night, in the apple tree.



Today’s task is to plant some spring bulbs.  We have grape hyacinths and spring crocuses.  Penny, grab your shovel and let’s get to work!



You bring one of those sacks of bulbs over and I’ll dig a hole.



The directions say to plant them three inches deep and three inches apart.



And the same with the crocuses.  Aren’t those interesting papery bulbs?  We’ll have lots of color to greet us early in the spring, after our long cold, snowy winter.



As the rainy days set in, its time to spend some time crafting indoors.  Here Penny is helping me stitch a candy corn garland to decorate with.  Her little mousie pin-cushion pal is also a recent project.  What an adorable face.



Little did I know that today is officially National Candy Corn Day.  An annual celebration on October 30th.  Wow, what timing!

Happy National Candy Corn Day, my friends!







Oh how I wish Penny and my dolls could get together! Your photos are beautiful. It’s been such a pretty fall, and your cosmos are especially nice, as most things are right before heavy frost. I hope your dear little red hen recovers from being picked on and will seek shelter at night soon. It’s getting cold here in central PA as it must be where you are, too. I really enjoyed this post – your candy corn garland looks delicious!!!

Hello, Ruth, a dolly visit would be delightful! I’m glad you have had nice weather like us, our place has had only two light frosts so far, but the cold is coming! I wonder when that hen will decide to sleep in the barn with my pet silkie chickens? She is quite fat and healthy now. It was nice to hear from you, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

kathy nicholson

i am making my own penny but can’t find patterns for her clothes is there any way you could email me a copy of her clothes thank you and i also would love any’s clothes pattern i want to make both of them for my ladies at church i’m going to make stands for them i hope i have good luck with them

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