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Meet Gracie, My New Puppy


Little puppies spell J.O.Y.  Little bundles of lively squirming affection that warm your heart.



We have added a new puppy to our family circle this January.  She came with a big pink bow tied around her neck and was a delightful surprise to me.  Isn’t she darling?



I named her Gracie, and she has a sweet and gentle nature.



Half the time she is bouncing with joy, and the other half she is snoozing adorably.



Gracie’s favorite snoozing place is in the back entrance curled up against my boots.



She loves to help with the farm chores, and happily admires the chickens while I collect the eggs.



Potty training requires constant sudden runs outside no matter how nasty the weather, day or night, but this adorable face makes it all worthwhile.



A picture of patient affection.



And one of silly goofiness.  We laugh a lot these days with Gracie around.



Hello Adorable. ♥  Settling into her new home.



Last night we got mounds of fluffy snow and that tickled her delightfully all day today, just to toss about and romp in the soft snow.



So sweet and playful.



One miniature puppy checking out Gracie’s toy rope.



One growing puppy checking out her new friend Penny.




Thank you, God for puppies.


“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”  James 1:17



She’s BEAUTIFUL! I know just what a delight to your heart and life she is. She’ll be your friend for many years to come. Our last “puppy” is 12 years old – and we’re too old ourselves now to adopt a nice puppy like Gracie. They truly are blessings in so many ways. I’m so very happy for you and Penny – and your family!! God bless with you always.

Oh how sweet! What a doll!

Thank you, ladies, pets add so much joy to our lives, don’t they? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Ruth, I hope your dearly beloved dog will stay somewhat youthful for a while yet. It will be so hard to say goodbye to such a pal.

Oh Becky! She is so sweet and fluffy! What a blessing to have her with you all day. I can’t wait to come over to hug her.❤

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