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Happy Valentines Day



A Very Happy Valentines Day to you!!   A day to celebrate the gift of Love, both for the special people we love, and thankfulness for those who love us.  My favorite Bible verse about love this year is from John 16:27; Jesus told His disciples, “The Father Himself loveth you.”  What a beautiful thought.

“The Father Himself loveth you.”


I wanted to show you these sweet cards and this delightful box of chocolates – just my size!!!

Let’s see, one for me, one for my kitty Ruby, one for Becky, and one for you, Dear Reader!

Have a beautiful day!  And remember that you are greatly loved!!


Oh Becky! This is the cutest blog ever!!! 😀 As I looked back over your posts, I can see what a blast you have with your little traveler, Penny! I just love all her cousins and I laughed as I saw her mouth smothered in the amazing cream of Paula’s doughnuts! Too cute! Can I have one??? They look soooo yummy! Looking forward to following Penny’s travels!
Love and hugs to you!!!!

to cute! and Way… too much fun that your haveing. I just LOVE it

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