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The FCFI Booth


Farmer Andy poses with the team

As Farmer Andy travels with Mr. Bill Brown for the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, he got to attend the Bluegrass Fest in Brooksville, Florida.  The show was held at Sertoma Youth Ranch on March 22-24, 2013.

Here he is posing with the FCFI team that weekend ready to share the Gospel:  Herb and Mary Hait from Hobart, NY;  Bill and Kathy Brown of Marcy, NY;  and Tarry and Janet Johnston, from Renfrew, Ontario, Canada.  Learn more about their work at   I like that little cow kettle on the left!



This picture is of Ron Harold from Indiana, the Secretary of FCFI board. He is using Farmer Andy to share the Gospel at The Pioneer Days in Zoflo Springs, Fl.  These children are learning the Bead Story that tells the basic story of Scripture:  Who is God?  Who are we? and Why did Jesus come?  All told with 5 basic colored beads.  Read more about that here – the Bead Story.  See the walking sticks in the milk can in the background?  These have the beads attached and are handed out freely to listeners.


Below is a sample page from a little booklet I have called Dwelling In Him, Helpful thoughts from Hudson Taylor.  It is a very old printing, and I thought you would enjoy seeing it.  The thoughts on these pages fit well with the green bead, that stands for growth.   Once we have opened our hearts to Christ as our Lord, the way that we grow in Him is by reading His Word, the Bible, feeding our souls.   And we want an obedient heart that God is eager to bless!






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