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Bead Story Artwork



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These drawings were created by our 7 year old friend, Elizabeth, to illustrate the Bead Story.  On this first page representing the Gold Bead, she says, “Gold stands for Jesus’ Father, God,” and she drew Heaven and God’s throne.  That is the gold bead in the center, she colored it with the pink sparkly crayon so it would sparkle beautifully.  See the glittery crown sticker over the throne?  Revelation 4:3 says, ” …and there was a rainbow round about the throne.”  That will be awesome to see, won’t it?



Here is the Black Bead, “Black stands for Sin and Selfishness.”  See the black, filthy heart?  Compared to the beauty and holiness of God, we are in shame.  Below is the green snake that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Also there are two unhappy people, one is crying puddles of tears (in heaven God will wipe away all tears from our eyes, Rev. 21:4) and the other person is fussing because he doesn’t like his hot chocolate.  The red letters say, “Satan hates God,”  his business is to lie, steal, kill and destroy.



And now for the big Red Bead.  “Red stands for Jesus’ blood because He died for me & you.”  There is Jesus dying on the cross to pay for our sins, to satisfy the justice of God in our place.  See His heart bursting with love for us?  ” Jesus Loves Us!!”  He poured out His life so that we could come meet His Dad.  The black cracks that can be seen below the cross happened when the earthquake shook everything when He died.



How beautiful is the story of the White Bead.  “White stands for Jesus washing our sins away and it is white as snow.”  All those unique snowflakes, each one a work of art.  Even one like a rainbow (we girls were playing with my collection of prisms!!)  Notice what a Big Smile we have when we are forgiven!



Finally the Green Bead.  “Green stands for grass growing like Christian’s grow, to learn about Jesus and God”  Christians have Jesus living in their hearts, they love others, read their Bibles, and show others what God’s love is like.



This is a string of beads cut out by 4 year old Bella, she loves to cut with scissors just her size.  This is a collage of her artwork, her handprints, and various cut edges as she used the scissors wherever she could.  She colored in the little girl cut-out with that favorite sparkly pink crayon that got used in lots of places.



Here are some sample pictures of Elizabeth and Bella’s visit to our farm….



























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