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Farmer Andy’s Sister Fanny



The clothespin doll, Farmer Andy, has been traveling with Bill and Kathy Brown in their work with the Fellowship of Christian Farmers, and he will now be joined by his sister Fanny.

Together they are traveling to farm shows and events with the FCFI crew to share the story of the beads with all who come by to listen.  The Gospel radiates, a light that shines in a dark place, offering peace, forgiveness and hope.

Here are some pictures taken at local shows in the month of June.

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And visit the FCFI website.


 Cathy Upson, member of the Mohawk Valley chapter using “Fannie”  Farmer Andy’s sister to share the Gospel at Dryden, NY.       400 people stopped by on June 8, 2013.
Cathy using Farmer Andy for witnessing.  Both Farmer Andy and Fannie will be traveling all summer  with the Browns to FCF events.
David Sanford sharing the gospel using Fannie at the Strawberry Fest, Owego, NY  on June 14-15.   500 people stopped by and 3 received Christ.

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